Welcome from the founder and clinical director

Dr. Deb Rich

Deb Rich, PhD. is a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of specialty experience. She provides patient care, consults with local health care professionals, teaches graduate, medical and nursing students, and lectures nationally. Shoshana Center is named in memory of Dr. Rich’s first child, a daughter, who was stillborn in 1985.

This experience has profoundly shaped her work.

What is reproductive health psychology?

This specialty requires a keen understanding of the medical and emotional aspects of women’s health at all stages of life. Reproductive health challenges often bring an intense range of emotions which, over time, stretch you beyond your coping strategies. The reproductive health psychologist provides anticipatory guidance, and helps you manage and understand your experience. The menu tabs serve as a list of specific topics.

What makes Shoshana Center unique?

bullet Early Intervention by a Specialist
The intense range of emotions which accompany reproductive challenges is often both surprising and overpowering. While this is a normal reaction to the circumstances, the experience may overwhelm your ability to cope. At Shoshana Center, we provide expert, timely and effective treatment.
bullet Holistic
We help you navigate the medical and emotional aspects of your reproductive health by caring for your overall sense of well-being.
bullet Collaborative and Family-Centered
We work with you and your medical providers to develop a comprehensive plan of care. We also invite you to bring support people to your sessions: partner, family, friend – it’s up to you. We want to help your support system help you.
bullet Baby friendly
We encourage moms to bring baby to session and to nurse, diaper and rock as needed.

Go ahead and browse through the website. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call (651) 645-5504.