Pregnancy loss and infant death

Nearly 1 million families in the United States experience miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or stillbirth each year. More than half the time, the cause is unknown. Miscarriage is the most frequent type of loss, occurring in 20-25% of all known pregnancies. However, an essential reality is that the intensity of the loss isn’t in direct proportion to how far along the pregnancy was. The vast majority of bereaved parents relate to this experience as the death of their baby. Many bereaved parents express feeling alone, overwhelmed and misunderstood.

Common experiences of bereaved parents:

bullet Overwhelming sadness
bullet Emotional emptiness
bullet Intense longing for the baby
bullet Frequently replay the sequence of events
bullet Nightmares and difficulty sleeping
bullet Poor appetite
bullet Foggy-headed
bullet Loss of meaning
bullet Challenges to the couple relationship

The healing journey

Over time, you will integrate this experience into your life story - coming to terms with the finality of the loss, and yet, still creating a meaningful future. Many bereaved parents are helped by reading books, researching information online, being surrounded by supportive family and friends or joining a support group. Still, the first year is so full of painful reminders, that it is especially challenging both individually and to the couple relationship. Be gentle with yourself.

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