Trying to get pregnant

Most likely, you were not prepared for the level of distress which builds while trying to get pregnant. The more time that goes by, the harder it is to maintain emotional balance. The goal of becoming a parent begins to take over your life.

It is completely normal to feel anger, frustration or helplessness. Even so, it makes for miserable day-to-day living. As all semblance of “normal life” slips away, your feelings may intensify. Anxiety and depression may interfere with daily functioning. Undergoing fertility treatment can be a long and unpredictable journey. You deserve both clear information AND strong support.


bullet Add to your toolbox of effective coping strategies
bullet Find accurate information
bullet Get emotional support
bullet Schedule a consult with a fertility doctor (reproductive endocrinologist)
bullet Schedule an appointment with an expert psychotherapist

What you can expect:

At Shoshana Center, we work collaboratively with you, your support people and your medical caregivers. Dr. Rich combines her understanding of current science and medical practice with expertise in the psychosocial demands of fertility challenges. She can effectively help you explore your circumstances and evaluate the best steps for you as you work to build a family.

Dr. Rich can also complete all psychological evaluations and written reports required by your fertility clinic.

Please call Shoshana Center (651) 645-5504 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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