You may not know this about me:

I always wanted to be an actor. I was active in theater in high school and my undergraduate majors were theater and French. I was especially drawn to ensemble devised theater and physical theater. I was accepted into the MFA program at NYU Tisch, but life intervened . . . So, I became a psychologist to support myself as an actor. And for many years, I supported myself as an underpaid professional actor by being a psychologist. I have had to take many long breaks from acting, but have always loved my craft and my fellow actors.


I am concerned about theater artists.

I know that you are struggling during the pandemic; struggling financially, creatively and existentially. I want to help by offering supportive therapy by secure video-conference within 48 hours of being contacted. I am in network with some insurance. For those of you without insurance, I'd like to suggest a donation of $35 for a 55 minute session to help lay a strong foundation for coping. And to help locate affordable ongoing services as needed. 

Although my practice is largely a specialty in reproductive health psychology, I am an experienced generalist doing individual and couple therapy. Feel free to contact me by email to begin a discussion of next steps.

Kindest regards,