The Transition to Menopause

The same hormonal changes responsible for PMS and postpartum mood disorders also affect women during the perimenopausal transition. Most women have symptoms long before their periods become irregular. The average age of complete menopause is 51, but it ranges from mid-40’s to late 50’s. The entire transition can take up to 7 years - which is much too long to just "hang on".

The classic symptoms of perimenopause include hot flashes or night sweats, sleep disruption, memory problems and distractibility. Many women also experience moodiness and changes in sexual desire or response. It is also common to experience other challenging life changes in this chapter: relationships, work/career, and overall health. Counseling with Shoshana Center staff can help you navigate this demanding time of life.

Make Yourself More Comfortable

Eat well, exercise regularly, and practice good sleep habits


Keep up with annual physical examinations

Consider hormone supplements, vitamins and complementary medicine

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