Welcome from the Founder - Dr. Deb Rich

I welcome you to Shoshana Center with compassion, kindness and the expertise of collaborating for over 30 years with clients such as you. I was already a psychologist when my first baby, Shoshana, was stillborn full-term in 1985. Since that time, I have been devoted to supporting families on the journey to parenthood, especially when there is tragedy or challenge along the way. 

I also recognize lifelong growth and challenges. I see returning clients as new chapters pose developmental and relationship bumps. And I see new clients dealing with aging - their parents and/or themselves.


I provide psychotherapy, professional training and program consultation locally, nationally and internationally. And I look forward to meeting you.

What makes Shoshana Center unique?

Early Intervention by a Specialist
The intense range of emotions which accompany reproductive challenges is often both surprising and overpowering. While this is a normal reaction to the circumstances, the experience may overwhelm your ability to cope. At Shoshana Center, we provide expert, timely and effective treatment.


Holistic and Collaborative
We help you navigate the medical and emotional aspects of your reproductive health by caring for your overall sense of well-being.


Family-Centered and Baby Friendly
We work with you and your medical providers to develop a comprehensive plan of care. We also invite you to bring support people to your sessions: partner, family, friend – it’s up to you. We want to help your support system help you. We encourage moms to bring baby to session and to nurse, diaper and rock as needed.


LGBTQ Welcoming

Everyone is welcome at Shoshana Center.