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MommaCare™ Training and Consultation

MommaCare™ is a training model developed by Dr. Deb Rich and licensed exclusively to Shoshana Center PLLC. The vision of MommaCare™ is to train professionals who care for women experiencing difficult pregnancy, pregnancy loss, infertility and perinatal mood disorders. The name MommaCare™ reflects the relational approach of this model, calling up the themes of bonding, attachment, emotional well-being, growth and competence. Training modules provide medical best practice and profession-specific interventions alongside self-reflection and self-care for immersing oneself in this emotionally intense work.

Upcoming Workshops: 2020

Pregnancy loss for psychotherapists: Tools, clinical skills, and diagnostic controversies.


You may not know that 20 to 25% of all pregnancies do not survive to a healthy live birth. Therefore, most psychotherapists treating adults in their reproductive years will encounter this tragic experience. The ideal course of treatment is for the client to remain with his or her trusted psychotherapist as long as the therapist has basic competency in care following pregnancy loss. The overall therapeutic goal is healthy integration of this traumatic experience.


This small group intensive workshop provides a foundation of essential medical knowledge to build specialty skills in clinical evaluation and intervention. This extremely sensitive material is presented in a safe and supportive environment which facilitates participant learning and self-awareness. Lecture and video will address these topics: best practice in the medical setting, medical terminology and procedures, patterns of perinatal grief, normal trajectory of grief, differential diagnosis including DSM-5 considerations and psychotherapeutic interventions.

For more information and to register, please visit my Facebook events page.

Psychotherapy with pregnant clients: Prenatal diagnosis and decision-making.

Clients come to therapy at all stages of life, including during the reproductive years. While your clients may not come to you specifically to deal with issues surrounding pregnancy, they may become pregnant in the course of therapy and then be faced with very specific challenges.

This workshop will acquaint therapists with medical information about routine fetal screening and progressive diagnostic testing as information comes to light about significant fetal abnormalities. Therapists will gain the necessary skills to provide support and guidance to clients experiencing this heartrending challenge on the journey to parenthood.

  • Options for fetal screening and diagnostic testing

  • Common diagnoses from mild to major

  • Options for medical and surgical intervention

  • Perinatal palliative care

  • Common therapeutic issues and effective interventions

  • Therapist self-care

For more information on prices and locations, please use the Registration link below.

TBD 2020

Making a baby with assisted reproductive technology: The role of the psychotherapist.


As with other areas of reproductive health psychology, it is critical that the trusted therapist be familiar with both medical and emotional aspects of challenges to family building. This workshop will acquaint therapists with fundamental knowledge about assisted reproductive technology. Therapists will gain skills in facilitated decision-making, psychotherapeutic interventions and self-care.

Using lecture, video and case discussion, topics will include:

  • Medical terminology

  • Procedures, costs and statistics

  • Facilitating decision making

  • The emotional and medical journey

  • Psychotherapy interventions

  • Speciality resources

For more information on prices and locations, please use the Registration link below.

TBD 2020

Clinical Supervision - General and Specialty Psychotherapy

Dr. Deb Rich is a board approved supervisor for graduate student or pre-licensed psychotherapists working toward LP, LPC and LPCC licensure requirements in the State of Minnesota. Supervision is scheduled at mutually convenient times and takes place in-person and/or via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing. Clients can be billed for services provided by a supervised psychotherapist.


Individual supervision fee is $90 for a single 50 minute session or $240 for 3 sessions and can be paid by credit card.

Clinical Consultation - Specialty Psychotherapy

Dr. Deb Rich is available for specialty clinical consultation for licensed psychotherapists both nationally and internationally. Consultations may be done in person or via a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform which is free and easy to use. Feel free to contact Deb by phone or email to discuss your needs and to schedule an appointment. New in-person and virtual groups will be announced on Facebook with a link for registration.


Individual consultation fee is $125 for a single 50 minute session or $315 for 3 sessions and can be paid by credit card.

Specialty Projects

Dr. Deb Rich is a popular consultant for program development and implementation in large scale medical systems as well as small non-profits. She has been a frequent collaborator with the Minnesota Maternal Child Health Department. Please contact Dr. Rich to discuss project definition and fees.

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